Culture & Creation Chain

Culture & Creation Chain devotes to build an ecosystem based on blockchain technology and specializing in serving cultural and creation entrepreneurship, investment and business operation. The excellent enterprises and IP projects included by the chain will get certification for digital assets. In this way, CCChain will help cultural and creation enterprises and IP projects to access more resources to decentralize the investment and financing condition in this industry.

In the meantime, through community operation and consensus, joint industrial development, transaction system and other operation methods, CCChain aims at continuously creating value for all participating parties. Its technical system and operation model can be applied to the investment and financing for other industries in the future.

Target Users

Technical Background

Industrial Background

The cultural and creation industry grows rapidly

In 2016, culture-related enterprises with large scale in China have reached an aggregate revenue of 8.0314 trillion yuan, an increase of 7.5% over the last year.

Active Investment and financing in
Culture & Creation Industry

Facing great opportunities and guided by national policies, China’s culture and creation industry has witnessed active investment and start-up financing. In the first half of 2017, there are 410 cases of investment and financing with the total volume reaching 61.658 billion yuan.

The operation model of investment foundation

The main driving force for the investment and financing for culture and creation industry comes from investment organizations or individuals who would like to take risks. One typical example is the investment foundation, which is also the most popular method now.

Business Model

CCChain has features of safe, convenient and open. It will establish a distributed autonomous organization (DAO) providing all kinds of service including IP production, transaction, etc. to individuals and enterprises. In the meantime, it can provide users with services including copyright and ownership transaction, project crowdfunding, and so on. The interaction and profit-sharing between multiple parties such as copyright owners, investors, distribution platforms, users, and application developers.

Management and Consulting Team

Zhang Yuanlin

19 years of investment experience in culture + TMT industry; once acted as the managing vice president of China Culturel Industrial Investment Foud and the Strategic and Investment Manager of Founder Information Industry Group.

Du Gang

the deputy secretary general of EUCNC (mainly in charge of science and technology business), the executive president of China Robot and Artificial Intelligence Committee, the early pioneers and long-term entrepreneur for China’s Internet Industry.

Xia Yangjun

President of Founder H Fund (China Top 10 Securities Business Direct Investment Company), chairman of investment committee. Former vice president of Founder Group.

Guan Xianghong

Once entrusted by Founder Group and established Founder International and acted as CEO; in 2014, created Founder Puhua and acted as the president.

Li Chang

Deputy Secretary General, researcher and doctor of Cultural & Innovation Development Research Institute at Tsinghua University.

Deng Xinhai

Vice-president of Datang Network. He also worked at China Potevio and Founder Group to lead the investment activities.

Wang Chenguang

Director of NEEQ business at Pacific Securities. He started his career in investment industry since 1993 until now.

Le Yifan

He once acted as head of technology r&d of Baidu News and Baidu picture information , has deep research and rich system experience in the distributed network and database applications.

Chen Guisheng

Vice-president and chief scientist at Cothinker Robotics. He has rich research experience and accumulation in the fields of artificial intelligence, robot, Internet of Things.

Su Zhi

He has many years of experience in internet research and management of research teams and has served as senior technical expertise in Alibaba Cloud.

Initiating Organizations

Cornerstone Investors